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Comparing the Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Capsules 

June 25, 2020

Chances are, by now, you’ve heard of CBD. And if you’re like most of us, you may have found yourself confused by the plethora of CBD Products in the marketplace these days. Whether you’re new to the benefits of CBD or not, it’s fair to ask yourself which products in the sea of many are best suited to your needs. In this blog we’ll be comparing what is CBD Oil and CBD Capsules, and their benefits two of the most accessible methods of consumption, for your review. 

What is CBD? 

According to Harvard Health Contributor Dr. Peter Grinspoon, CBD, or Cannabidiol as its also known, is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants which includes hemp and marijuana. Whereas marijuana has a tendency to produce THC, the substance that is known to get you high, Hemp is known to contain no psychoactive properties. It is from Hemp, not marijuana, that CBD is extracted. 

What can CBD do for you? 

Depending on your sources, CBD can easily come across as quite a cure-all. And, frankly, it’s easy to draw that conclusion when you’re faced with the many endorsements current celebrities and famed athletes are making in regard to their usage. But what are the actual benefits of CBD on an individual basis? While we can’t make wild medical claims that remain scientifically unsupported, what we can say is that CBD supports all normal bodily functions and the ability for your body to maintain optimal homeostasis

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What is CBD Oil? 

Because CBD Oil is extracted from the Hemp plant, it is also often referred to as Hemp Oil so be aware that these terms are used interchangeably. Hemp Oil, or CBD Oil, is the most traditional form of CBD consumption. CBD oil is formulated using different methods for extraction with Elixinol utilizing a type of solvent-free supercritical fluid extraction technique.

It sounds complicated, I know. But what it boils down to is that we are able to isolate and remove molecules with precision, encourage efficient molecule separation and guarantee better molecule integrity which translates into higher quality assurance. Once the CBD Oil is extracted, it’s delivered in tincture form where the consumer uses a dropper to administer the liquid underneath the tongue. 

What are CBD Capsules? 

CBD Capsules were a welcome addition to the ever-growing CBD family. Whereas CBD had previously been delivered mainly by means of foul-tasting tincture (as described above) the development of CBD Capsules became a godsend for regular users. CBD Capsules continue to simplify the lives of many through their odorless, tasteless delivery appealing, especially, to those with taste aversions and others looking to consume CBD Oil more conveniently. Another benefit of capsules is their pre-measured contents. Measuring the right amount of CBD with a dropper can often prove tricky and leaves some room for error so the evolution from tincture to capsule saw an improvement. 

Where can I find CBD Products? 

Although CBD Products are widely available through online channels, your ability to find CBD Products might largely depend on where you live.  This is because there is no single international governing body that regulates the distribution of products containing CBD. If CBD is added as a consumable supplement, it falls under Food and Food Regulation whereas CBD infused beauty products and skincare enact separate jurisdiction. The demand of CBD, which now spans all industries like food, supplements, pharmaceuticals. personal care & cosmetics products, nutraceuticals, and food & beverages, etc. 

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Tips for Buying CBD Safely 

If you’re interested in trying CBD Oil or Capsules, make sure you purchase from trusted sites and individuals. For instance, buying from Amazon would be a relatively safe investment, whereas buying from defintelybootleggedCBD.com is probably a site you should shy away from. Rules and regulations regarding the manufacture and distribution of CBD products vary by country and even state. It is possible that CBD products available in the US, which garner the world’s most lax guidelines for CBD consumption for the time being, might actually be illegal in places like the UK and Europe. 

Legal Levels of THC in CBD Products 

Strength Matters. Even though Hemp Oil Products are non psycho-active they still contain trace amounts of THC. It is for this reason, there is so much controversy about its regulation. In the UK, the THC limit has to be <0.01% for it to legal and acceptable.  The European guidelines vary by country but the general consensus is that any product containing <0.2%

THC is legal and acceptable. The Federal US regulation model allows for 1 more tenth of a percent (<0.3%).  Holland boasts a legal THC content of <0.5% whereas countries such as Slovakia consider the sale of CBD Products in any way, shape, or form entirely illegal. So, the best way to protect yourself from the long arm of the law and ensure you are getting what you pay for, is to be informed. 


While there are, no doubt, a vast array of CBD Products available today and we can only expect that selection to expand, I’ve covered the two most accessible and reliable forms for consumption. Tincture quality remains consistent because of its tried and true delivery method and primitive composition. Yet Capsules offer freedom from tradition in the way of ease and convenience. Both are readily available online and locally if you know what to ask for. And the best way to ensure you find yourself a quality CBD Product is to do your research! 
Do the tinctures or capsules appeal to you more? 

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