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Is CBD Hemp Oil Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly? 

August 13, 2020

Conscious Consumerism is certainly on the rise with more and more people selecting products for their family and home that are vegetarian and even vegan friendly. We, as consumers, have purchase power with the ability to support our ethical beliefs using our pocketbooks. So how do we go about that when it comes to selecting and buying CBD Hemp Oil Products?. In this article we’ll explore the ways in which you can be sure the Hemp Oil you choose aligns to your ethical values. 

What Makes a Product Vegetarian? 

Vegetarian is a term is that denotes the conscious avoidance of all animal products and some animal by-products in food items and consumables. An animal product is anything derived directly from an animal (ie meat or leather) whereas an animal by-product is a more processed version that can be less obviously animal derived (ie gelatine, glycerine, lanolin). A Product containing CBD Hemp Oil is vegetarian, then, by definition, if it does not contain any animal products. It may contain animal by-products. 

What Makes a Product Vegan? 

A person is Vegan if they adhere to all Vegetarian principles and then some. Vegans are known to consciously avoid animal products and by-products entirely. This includes omitting all dairy items, meat of any kind, eggs and any ingredient derived from an animal source when it comes to their diet and lifestyle. Vegans also omit products such as leather or fur from their wardrobe and generally seek to fulfil a plant-based existence. 
An easy way to determine whether or not your prospective purchase is Vegan friendly is to look for the ‘Vegan Seal’ which most CBD Manufacturers include on their packaging or as part as their online product description for your convenience. If the vegan seal exists, then you know the CBD Hemp Oil is also suitable for vegetarians. 
If the short-cut Vegan seal isn’t present, then the key to deciding whether or not your CBD Hemp Oil is Vegan friendly lies in the list of ingredients. 

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The Evolution of Complex Ingredients 

When is the last time you read the ingredients on a nutritional label and understood each and every component? Still thinking? My point exactly. Science and Technology are amazing. Their combined field of study has allowed for so many inventions aimed to simplify the Human Experience over time. We have anecdotes to perilous diseases, machines doing work in place of humans, and a greater understanding of our world around us thanks them. However, in the case of nutrition things have become a bit more complicated. Targeted, yes, but complicated, as processes have evolved into existence to mix and match and extract and quantify nutrients in hopes of better tailoring available sources of nutrition. This means a lot of the ingredients we see on labels today have most likely been modified by the likes of science and technology and appear unrecognisable upon the label. For example, in the past where we might have seen ‘Sugar’ on a nutritional label it would probably now read ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup.’ 

Why Should I Read Nutritional Labels? 

It’s up to us, as consumers, to familiarise ourselves with these changes and the integration of technical terms as they become more interspersed with the remnants of whole ingredients we see listed. We must, therefore, learn the language in order to understand what it is we are consuming, so that we have the ability to distinguish ingredients that we are unfamiliar with as being either beneficial or detrimental to our health. 

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CBD Hemp Oil is Naturally Vegan 

We have an important responsibility to ourselves to get to know the ingredients we introduce to our bodies. With the reach of CBD expanding exponentially, it’s especially important to be informed in regard to it. Although, in this case, there’s nothing much to learn because all CBD Hemp Extract is already, naturally, Vegan! Because CBD or Hemp Oil is derived from the Hemp Plant it is, of course, plant-based which makes it Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Elixinol adheres to Vegan values throughout our product range from supplements to our upcoming Skin Care Line, but not all manufacturers do. 
CBD Supplements are generally safe for Vegetarians and Vegans, although it would be wise to know the carrier oil used in prospective CBD Tinctures (most of which is MCT Oil- and that’s safe). CBD Capsules from competitors might use a form of gelatine encapsulation, which is not vegetarian and vegan friendly. Of course, when it comes to the many trending CBD Additives and expansive CBD skin care collections available there are too many potential offenders to list so its best that you get reading

Is CBD Oil Cruelty Free? 

I can’t speak for all CBD Manufacturers, but ours is! Elixinol is proud to offer Cruelty Free products that have not been tested on animals. 


The good news about purchasing any Hemp Oil Product from Elixinol is that we are company who prides ourselves on transparency, meaning what you see is what you get with no unwelcomed surprises. We operate on full disclosure, with all products third-party verified for quality assurance and safety. What this means for you is that the ingredients you read on our labels are accurate and guaranteed. We’ve made the choice to manufacture all CBD Hemp Oil Products to be Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly because we care about making a difference too. 

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