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What Does Hemp Extract Mean? And How is it Used? 

July 20, 2020

Today, we’ll be honing-in on Hemp Extract and how it fits into the grand scheme of the CBD Market. We’ll cover the physical process Hemp undergoes in order to become the high-quality Hemp Extract you receive in Elixinol’s final product and when it comes to the way in which it’s obtained, not all Hemp Extract is created equally. We’ll discuss the best method for CBD Extraction and talk about why the extraction method matters. Finally, we’ll delve into the benefits of Full Spectrum and what that means for you.   

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a highly versatile plant belonging to the Cannabis Sativa family. Its utility has been known to mankind for thousands of years and more recently discovered have been its beneficial health properties in the form of Hemp Extract. Hemp does not possess the ability to induce psychoactive effects, unlike Marijuana which is also part of the Cannabis Sativa family. It is because of its oppositional properties in relation to Marijuana that Hemp is so often associated with Health and Wellness. 

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How is Hemp Extracted?

There are three main types of hemp extraction – Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction, and Carbon Dioxide or CO2 Extraction. Elixinol uses Supercritical CO2 Extraction to obtain its Hemp Extract and this means heating Carbon Dioxide molecules to a temperature of 31.10˚C in order for them to reach a supercritical state. This state is obtained when the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) molecules act as both gas and liquid simultaneously.  In this advantageous state they can be easily manipulated and primed for bonding to the molecules of Hemp. 

Benefits of CO2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction is the preferred method of extraction for Elixinol for many reasons. It’s a methodology that is environmentally friendly since the CO2 is recyclable, offering numerous extraction applications from just one batch of CO2. CO2 is a natural cleaning agent omitting the growth of molds, mildews, and microbial bacteria during the extraction process. Because CO2 is a gas at room temperature, it evaporates upon leaving the extraction chamber. 

This ensures that no residual solvent remains on the Hemp Extraction and offers a final product that is, arguably, purer. C02 Extraction ensures that the Hemp is not heat treated at extreme temperatures, so it avoids degradation, unlike other extraction methods. Because of CO2’s ability to act as both gas and liquid, it can also penetrate smaller areas in and around the hemp plant in the extraction chamber versus other extraction methods.  This leads to greater yields of the final product, overall making Supercritical CO2 Extraction a better way to obtain Hemp Extract.   

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What is Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is a term used for the extracted CBD-rich oil from the Hemp Plant. Hemp Extract is also used synonymously with CBD Oil, since CBD (Cannabidiol) is the prominent active compound obtained in the oil that is extracted. The CBD Oil is extracted from the majority of the plant including stem, stalk, leaves and flowers- a combination of components offering Full-Spectrum benefits.

Full-Spectrum is an endorsement given to hemp oil that retains the array of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids originally found at its origin. The term Full-Spectrum is an assurance to the consumer that the Hemp Extract is of high quality and optimal nutritional value. One that has transmitted through (not lost to) extraction the plentiful and potent beneficial compounds from the unrefined Hemp plant.   

How is Hemp Extract Used by The Body?

CBD hemp extract works with our body by engaging the endocannabinoid system through a network of neurons. The neurons are natural endocannabinoid receptors and respond favourably when introduced to full spectrum CBD hemp extract. These neurons fire and function within our bodies as part of the endocannabinoid system whether in response to CBD introduction or not.  The advantage of taking CBD Hemp Extract lies in its ability to stimulate and regulate bodily functions the endocannabinoid system is in charge of. Experts are still uncovering the many ways in which an optimally functioning endocannabinoid system affects the body as a whole, but research shows that the list is long. 

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Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also contains terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids that function synergistically in conjunction with the CBD to enable peak performance from inner systems.  Essential fatty acids also contained within Hemp Extract, “have diverse functions in cells that range from structural “building blocks” of cell membranes to suppliers of energy and signalling molecules,”according to a scholarly article published online entitled The Various Roles of Fatty Acids. 

For your convenience, CBD Hemp Extract now exists in a multitude of mediums for consumption including CBD Tinctures, Vegan CBD Capsules, CBD Liposomes and Hemp Extract Topicals all of which you can find with Elixinol. 

Hemp Extract – Conclusion

Hemp Extract, otherwise known as CBD Oil, is now widely available in many forms with the aim being ease of consumption. It’s true that it has never been more convenient for your endocannabinoid system to reap the benefits of Hemp Extract and engage the inherent inner system you didn’t know you had! Through Supercritical CO2 Extraction you can experience the wide-spread benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in its purest form. 

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