getting to know cbd liposomes

Getting to Know CBD Liposomes 

June 25, 2020

Let’s be honest. Most of us have no clue about Liposomes. Are they a catchy new plastic surgery term or perhaps some kind of fungus? And what happens when you throw CBD into the mix? Do you eat it or put it on? Even I had to do my research and the good news is that the cup of all my newly acquired knowledge runneth over.  In this article I’ll be sharing everything you wanted to know about CBD Liposomes. Prepare yourself, we’re getting technical. 

What is CBD Oil Liposomes? 

In order to talk about Liposomal CBD Oil, we must first break down the term. Though I scared you with the technical spiel, it’s really quite simple. Liposomal CBD Oil is comprised of both CBD and Liposomes. CBD molecules are extracted from the Hemp plant, where they are then transformed into oil through a specialised extraction process, which is then- get this- encapsulated within the Liposome. In other words, the Liposome acts as a sort of protective bubble. Why might CBD Molecules require a protective bubble, you ask?  Well, let’s find out. 

What Does Liposomal Mean? 

Liposomes are, essentially, a carrier denoting the methodology for delivery.  From this, we can deduct that the term Liposomal is giving us, the consumer, information on how the product is administered. In this instance, CBD Oil is being administered via Liposome. A Liposome is defined as a spherical vesicle having at least one phospholipid bilayer. In laymen’s terms, we have a liquid filled, bubble-like structure with a soluble outer membrane. The membrane acts as a protective layer with the term soluble designating the ability to dissolve. Phew. 
All of this scientific jargon breaks down to knowing that the CBD molecules being delivered to your system are done so in a way that protects them. And it allows you to rest assured that even though the CBD Oil is protected through encapsulation as it enters your body, the membrane it is protected by dissolves so less CBD is wasted. 

CBD Liposomes

How do Liposomes work? 

Let’s take a trip inside your body. Anytime we eat or drink a substance it takes the same internal journey.  We swallow and our fuel of choice follows the path it took countless times before making its first pit stop in the stomach. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the stomach is an inhospitable place. It’s filled with acid that is used to help break down and digest the food we eat. It’s no real place for CBD. And this is where Liposomes come in handy. If the CBD Oil we intake is encapsulated by Liposomes, it is protected from the treacherous, acidic environment it is thrust into. And this equates to tangible benefits 

How is CBD Best Absorbed? 

Thanks to the revolutionary combination of combining liposomal technology with CBD delivery, CBD Liposomes have become the most effective delivery method on the market. Because the CBD is protected from the harsh inner environment of our bodies, more of the active ingredient is absorbed into the blood stream. Four times faster than traditional carriers, in fact. For comparison take this analogy: If you thought to mail something precious and wanted to be sure it arrived in-tact, wouldn’t it be wise to pad the box first? 

Is Liposomal CBD Better? 

Statistics stand on the side of Liposomal CBD. It might, indeed, offer the most convenient option for optimal absorption, but CBD consumption is still, very much, an individual thing. Some people prefer the capsules, while some can’t swallow a pill. Some need CBD in topical form, while others prefer their intake orally. To each his own. But discovering for yourself whether or not the advantages of Liposomal CBD could work for you might certainly be worth the investigation. 

How to Find The Best Liposomal CBD Oil 

A good thing to look for when it comes to shopping for CBD Liposomes is a formulation that contains MCT Oil. The use of MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) Oil is important because it’s a saturated fat that aids in the absorption of CBD. CBD and other cannabinoids reach the bloodstream more efficiently when they are paired with saturated fats.

MCT Oil also helps CBD completely bypass something called the First Pass Effect, which is significant in terms of Food Supplement absorption. The First Pass Effect is a phenomenon that occurs where the metabolic process of orally administered pharmaceuticals and supplements suffer reduced concentration. And this applies to CBD. Elixinol’s CBD Liposomes not only contain absorption-ready Hemp Extract, but also the crucial chaperone MCT derived from Coconut Oil. 


And now, my CBD Liposome graduate, take your knowledge into the world! We’ve gone from clueless to clued in with enough technical information you could probably dawn a white coat yourself. Who would have thought there was so much to know about something so plainly mysterious? 
We’ve covered the meaning of Liposome and how it applies to CBD, and in, turn, how it applies to you. How Liposomes are designed to protect the CBD molecules during the absorption process. How the CBD, being protected, offers higher efficiency. And how MCT Oil, a saturated fat, is a good carrier oil to work in conjunction with CBD Liposome delivery. 
Now that you know the benefits of CBD Liposomes, are you willing to try it? 

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