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Exploring CBD Oils and CBD Tinctures 

August 27, 2020

What Is CBD Oil and what is a CBD Tincture?  If you’ve found yourself wanting to know how they compare, you’ve come to the right place. 

How are they similar? How are they different? And which one is better?  

With the plethora of CBD options available in the UK today, its easy to find yourself curious, wondering or just plain confused about which CBD avenue to pursue. And with an article published just last month with experts at the Centre for Medical Cannabis predicting the UK CBD market to rise to a worth of nearly  £1B by 2025, you can rest assured that your job of making informed decisions will only become more difficult over time. 

But we can help. Starting with a bit of clarification. 


What’s the Difference Between Tincture and Oil? 

The truth is, there really is no difference between the two terms. A CBD Tincture contains CBD Oil. Although they are not the same exact thing, they are part of the same thing. Full Spectrum Hemp is first extracted from the Cannabis Sativa variety of the Hemp plant. Upon conclusion of the extraction process, the extract becomes Oil containing the phytoactive compound Cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD oil that has been extracted is then mixed into a tincture utilising a carrier oil. Because CBD oil is fat soluble, this step is important to ensure the active ingredient is absorbed properly by the body. The best quality CBD Tinctures use MCT coconut oil as their carrier oil because MCT Oil exponentially improves the bioavailability of the CBD Oil being administered.  

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What is CBD Oil? 

CBD Oil is essentially the oil obtained from the Hemp plant after undergoing, in the case of Elixinol’s products, C02 Supercritical Extraction. C02 Extraction is the premium method for CBD extraction because it is environmentally friendly with C02 being reusable, it evaporates any trace solvents as C02 is a gas at room temperature, and it kills any microbial bacteria during extraction with C02 being a natural cleaning agent. The highest quality CBD Oil is obtained through C02 Extraction because it offers a greener, cleaner, purer final product. 


What is a Tincture? 

According to a healthline article medically reviewed by clinical pharmacist Dr. Allen Carter a tincture is a “concentrated herbal extract made by soaking the bark, berries, leaves (dried or fresh), or roots from one or more plants in alcohol or vinegar.” 

In the case of Elixinol, our CBD is extracted using an alcohol solvent which evaporates through superior Supercritical C02 technology, a method of extraction involving decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is the critical step of heating up raw phytonutrient compounds in order to activate them, including CBD. This means the tincture you buy has been processed in a way that ensures you reap the utmost benefits of its constituents. Raw, unprocessed hemp cannot provide activated cannabidiol (CBD) because it has not been decarboxylated

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What is CBD Tincture used for? 

CBD is the most traditional way to consume CBD, and like any other method of CBD consumption, tinctures are used for engaging your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating and maintaining homeostasis on a cellular level throughout all major internal biological systems.  Before the invention of all other new-fangled delivery methods, there were CBD Tinctures. Tinctures are taken orally and usually require sub-lingual application for best results.  They are known for their strong flavour, which is one of the reasons why CBD manufacturers decided to branch out into more palatable ways of CBD Oil delivery. But lucky for you, Elixinol is known for having the best tasting CBD in the business with their Cinnamint Tincture Blend


Are CBD Tinctures Effective? 

CBD Tinctures containing Full Spectrum Hemp Extract are most effective because only Full Spectrum CBD Oil retains the synergistic combination of all 113 naturally occurring Cannabinoids and does not lose them to extraction.  This synergistic occurrence of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids all mutually enhancing the efficacy of one another is referred to as The Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect begs to differ that CBD, when isolated, is used by the body less efficiently because it is not absorbed alongside the entourage of other phytocompounds naturally occurring in raw hemp. 

Tinctures containing Full Spectrum CBD Oil are also known to contain whole-plant extract for reason that you are reaping the benefits of the whole plant, rather than a selected part of it, as in CBD Isolate, for example. 

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CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures might yield varied internet search results, but as we’ve discovered today, they are, actually, one in the same. Or better put, two parts of the same whole. It is CBD Oil that is contained within your CBD Tincture, and it, in fact, contains the active ingredient Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. The tincture is the most traditional way of consuming CBD, yet it remains to be one of many methods of consumption available to consumers today. High Quality CBD Tinctures always contain Full Spectrum CBD Oil which means none of the flavonoids, terpenes and remaining cannabinoids are sacrificed during extraction. 

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