Elixinol Blog: How CBD Works

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Understanding How CBD Works in the Human Body 

Discovering the Endocannabinoid System and How it Functions in Conjunction with CBD  It might come as a surprise to learn that all mammals and invertebrates have an Endocannabinoid System. Did you even know you had one? Chances are, like most

how to include cbd for to maintain homeostasis

How to Include CBD in Your Every Day Routine 

Let’s face it. Modern Life is often hectic. Our days are dictated by strict schedules, narrow parameters, and never enough time! So, it’s easy to see why neglecting our need for nutrition has become such an epidemic. The western idea

what is hemp balm and how does it work

What is Hemp Balm and How Does it Work? 

Hemp Balm is a topical product applied to external areas of the body. And its name reveals its benefits with the active ingredient being Hemp. But its not only the Hemp in the balm that’s beneficial. As the very definition

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