Elixinol Blog: Properties of Hemp

Give Someone You Love a Miracle 

We’re back in business!! We’ve missed you dearly as a premium user of CBD. Come down!! Let’s stay in touch and discover the wonderful benefits you could get with Elixinol. As a welcome back present, we’ll hold the ‘CBD Miracle Oil Giveaway’

cbd hemp oil vegetarian and vegan friendly

Is CBD Hemp Oil Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly? 

Conscious Consumerism is certainly on the rise with more and more people selecting products for their family and home that are vegetarian and even vegan friendly. We, as consumers, have purchase power with the ability to support our ethical beliefs

cbd oil, hemp oil, and hemp extract

Differences in Hemp Extract, Hemp Oil and CBD Oil 

Sometimes Convoluted CBD Terminology Explained Chances are, if you’re looking to find the right CBD Product you’ve conducted a fair amount of research. Research that has helped you narrow down your choices and understand how you can benefit from CBD

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