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Can you get CBD on Prescription?

British media doctor and health campaigner, Dr Christian Jessen answers your CBD questions. A frequently asked question is ‘Can you get CBD on prescription?’, watch the video below to find out more on this topic and other fundamentals about the compound found in cannabis.

Dr Christian on 'Can you get CBD on prescription?'

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CBD FAQs continued...

Is it possible to get CBD without a prescription?

A combination of promising research results and personal experiences has made CBD one of the most sought-after alternative medicines in recent times. Many CBD users wonder if it is possible to buy CBD oil in the United Kingdom without a prescription.

Yes, CBD is sold as a food supplement not a medicine and is available to purchase from most food retail outlets such as; supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies.

Doctors in the UK are more open to prescribing CBD products for patients who require them as the knowledge is improving.

can you get cbd on prescription

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil in the UK?


Can you get CBD on prescription? According to law, both NHS workers and private doctors in England and Wales are now allowed to prescribe cannabis-based medical products. 

Your doctor will usually talk to all the professionals involved in your therapy to find out how you are doing and what you need. If standard treatment fails to work, your doctor may recommend CBD. You can receive higher CBD concentrations with a prescription.

What are the strengths available on prescription?


High-dose CBD oil can be prescribed by doctors on the General Medical Council’s specialist register for a variety of conditions, including the ones listed below.

The body may be able to recover its balance and wellbeing by taking high-strength CBD. NICE guidelines state that doctors must first prescribe prescribed conventional drugs for specific conditions. CBD may not always be the first recommendation from your doctor.

If you have severe side effects from chemotherapy, your doctor may prescribe first-line medication to treat your symptoms.

Sometimes, however, the pills may not work as well as expected. In these cases, you will need to find another way to ease your symptoms. Consider asking your doctor to prescribe CBD-based therapy.

To get CBD prescriptions, you must have a valid medical reason. High-dose CBD is not something doctors will prescribe to patients without valid medical reasons.

can you get cbd with prescrption in the uk
can you get cbd on prescription in the uk

Why is it that doctors are cautious?


Although there is a lot of evidence that CBD can be beneficial for patients, and research papers in existing literature, doctors tend to be cautious due to the lack of controlled randomised trials to support its effectiveness, therefore doctors don’t usually suggest CBD immediately.

This doesn’t mean CBD isn’t useful, or hasn’t been proven to be effective. Doctors are hesitate to give drugs that haven’t been validated in a standard way.

CBD products are still in development. Researchers will need to take more time to verify the claims made by the millions of people who have used cannabis-derived products to treat their health issues.

Can you get non-prescription CBD?


You can buy CBD-based products over-the counter in the UK without needing a prescription. However, these products have limited strength.

You can purchase CBD online from CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ or Elixinol.co.uk.

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