Is CBD Legal in The UK?

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Is CBD Legal In The UK?

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Dr Christian on 'is CBD legal in The UK?'

Yes, in many cases CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. Cannabis sativa has two predominant species; hemp and marijuana. 

Both contain CBD but hemp contains a lot more whilst having very low levels of THC, which is the part that gives a ‘high’. THC is restricted from appearing in food products. So most CBD is extracted from ‘hemp’.   

I have encountered many people getting confused (or even misled!) by products containing hemp oil, the assumption being that these will also contain CBD. In fact this is not so. Hemp oil usually does not contain any cannabinoids, neither CBD, THC or others. 

CBD is legal in the UK. 


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Is CBD legal in the UK?

Cannabidiol (or CBD), the non-intoxicating extract of the cannabis plant, is legal and readily available from UK licensed producers.

Certain edible products cannot be distributed by companies such as British Cannabis, which are listed with Food Standards Agency. It is done to ensure that they comply with safety requirements such as THC content (the compound found in cannabis that gives off a high). The UK continues to ban THC.

is cbd legal in the uk

Is CBD legal in the UK? CBD is derived from Cannabis Sativa L., a cannabis plant. CBD products and oil are sourced from industrial hemp plants. These plants are grown primarily for their fiber and seeds. They are more like high-thc cannabis plants, in that they have thin and sparsely shaped leaves. CBD can only be extracted from approved hemp strains by the EU government.

CBD is most commonly sold as an oil. However, it can also be purchased in extracts, a liquid vaporized, and an oil-based capsule. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, then it is diluted with carrier oils like coconut oil or hemp seeds oil. In the case of ELIXINOL LIMITED, the oils are pure cannabis and not diluted.

You can find CBD in many products, online and offline, including dietary supplements and bath soaks, food, and drinks. One of CBD’s most well-known effects, is its ability to calm.

is cbd legal in the uk
is cbd legal in the uk a woman using cbd cream

Is CBD legal in the UK? The UK has decided that CBD products are no longer for medicinal purposes. They are now considered a food supplement or cosmetic when applied topically. They must be correctly labelled according to the Food Supplement Regulations 2003. CBD Cosmetics require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

While CBD is legally legal in principle, there are many regulations and laws that apply to the compound. As CBD becomes more popular, regulations are constantly evolving and changing. It is a constantly changing landscape, and CBD’s legal status will change over time.

British Cannabis, a leading independent producer of CBD in the UK, has declared that the UK is now the second largest consumer market for cannabinoids after the US. The UK spends more on domestic cannabis extracts than on vitamin B and C.

The CBD market is growing fast and the UK is one the largest consumers of CBD products. According to research, more than 8 million Britons now buy CBD products. The annual sales of these products exceeded PS600m last year.

British Cannabis was established in 2015. It has a wealth of experience in both CBD and other cannabis compounds. This allows the company to create products and techniques that are unique.

Tom Whettem, British Cannabis CEO said: “Our demonstration of regulatory compliance is the foundation of everything we do.”

“We have perfected cannabis cultivation which supports product development and research. This allows us to respond dynamically to industry changes, allowing British Cannabis to bring to the market the best cannabis cosmetics and supplements.

“Most CBD brands rely on their supplier to secure their regulatory position for new foods. We have 15 applications that are currently being validated covering hundreds of products.

“This undertaking was written and composed in-house by our regulatory compliance team. It is a testimony to our knowledge, understanding, and confidence in the safety and quality of our products.

“We have played a key role in the regulation of novel foods, particularly CBD products, since 2018. Trade bodies are continuously supported to ensure the safety of our business, and the industry’s position in order to comply with all regulations in this fast-changing sector.

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